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MOLLBRINKS WAS ESTABLISHED in 1957 by Lars Mollbrink and has continuously operated as a family owned business. Mollbrinks has two galleries in Sweden, with the flagship in the academic town of Uppsala and the other location in Kungshamn on the Swedish west coast.

THE GALLERY EXHIBITS a wide range of modern masters of the 20th century as well as 19th century art but specializes in three artists of the two eras: Anders Zorn, Salvador Dalí, and Marc Chagall. IN MORE RECENT YEARS, Mollbrinks has increased its focus on international contemporary artists with an emphasis on international art fairs and public sculpture exhibitions.

MOLLBRINKS PARTICIPATES regularly in International art fairs such as the London Art Fair, Focus Art Fair in New York and Swedish high-status fair GRAND Antiques, Art & Design
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  • Alexander Klingspor
  • Frank Björklund
  • Salvador Dalí
  • Agnetha Sjögren


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  • The Invention

    The Invention Frank Björklund
    oil on canvas, 185x135 cm
    Image: detail

    This painting has a strong ecological message.

    It didn´t happen right away. Slowly, but steady the snow melted and soon vanished completely. The landscape changed. Seas retracted. He watched his fellow birds take refugee elsewhere. Only the most resilient stayed.

    Being a resourceful penguin, educated and working as engineer, he just couldn´t sit around doing nothing. The philosophy of the Circle. Condensation and evaporation. The clouds are always there. Hmm... a thought and a plan. Gathering parts. Bolts and nuts. Taps, cogs and gears. Pipes following the power flow. Hard work, sweat and modulating. After a couple of months the machine was ready and working. According to plan and idea.

    Here you can see showing his invention, proudly I might add. Now he´s travelling the land far and wide. Helping others with his machine and services. You can trust the penguins.

    If you look closely at the machine, you will see that it all works. Power of the transmission and gears to the pump. Suction power and flow. Down to the cooling system. Yes, it all works.

    If it wasn´t for a little thing called, laws of reality.

    But then again, Necessity knows no laws.
    Frank Björklund 2023 Länk till produkten »


    N.Y.C. LEGEND Alexander Klingspor, "N.Y.C. LEGEND" Detta är förlagan till den monumentala skulptur med samma titel som sedan oktober 2023 står placerad på Union Square, New York Länk till produkten »


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